I finally graduated! Now what?

Happy New Year beautiful people!! ❤

Wow, it has certainly been a long time since I’ve written on this blog, and oh how I’ve missed it!

Since leaving high school, I’ve bounced around to different colleges, universities, and degrees accumulating knowledge in a variety of subjects, but never actually graduated in anything. These past sixteen months have been some of the most stressful and exhausting of my student-life. For the first time, I made homework my top priority– something I never thought I’d hear myself say, but it made all the difference.

In September of 2015, I began an accelerated eighteen-month BS Business program through a State University whilst simultaneously managing my nine-to-five day job in accounting. Phew. Even that sentence was exhausting. I ended up completing the already fast-paced program two months ahead of schedule. Now that I have a college degree and four years of work experience out of the way, what now? What are any of us to do after we finally reach this brilliant milestone?

First, celebrate!!! (Obviously).

But then what? After the excitement fades and we are succumbed by the anxiety of not knowing what to do next?

When in doubt, ask TED. I can always find something inspirational or informative there. The other day, I stumbled upon “Life After College – Success, Adventure and Other ‘Expert’ Tips” with speaker Shira Abramowitz while struggling to find productive ways to occupy my new-found free time. She dives into the idea that none of us really know how to do anything, so the only way we’re going to learn is by getting out there and doing it, and in that may we find success.

Very few students actually know what they want to do with their life immediately after college, and I definitely fit into this category.

I sometimes tend to be the type of person who waits for opportunities to present themselves rather than being the one to create them on my own. Perhaps that sort of cataclysm is exactly what I need to start focusing on now that my degree will soon be collecting dust in a frame on my bedroom wall.

When we put ourselves out there and initiate interactions with others, even in the slightest bit, we always get something in return; whether it be directly or indirectly from them, tangible or intangible. Putting ourselves out there is the best way to encounter opportunities. In order to propel ourselves towards our goals in the most effective way, the decisions we make in our everyday lives must be made with those end goals in our conscious mind. In a way, we determine our own fate.

As far as my blogging goals go, I’d like to start posting regularly again. With school no longer on my radar, I finally have the time and freedom to express my long-neglected creative side. This blog is headed in a new direction that doesn’t focus solely on anything necessarily, but rather just a compilation of random thoughts and posts which may or may not be food-related. Anyways, time to get off my butt and start making it a great year.

Bring it on, 2017!

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