Recipe: Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

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My relationship with tomatoes is getting a little out of control right now. For the longest time in my life, I despised them, and now we seem to get along a little too well. Since I bought so many, and I made a tomato recipe last week, I decided to stick with the theme.

And then, this glorious masterpiece-of-a-soup was created. And just in time for Fall!

I feel complete now.

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This was freaking bomb. If you eat this soup with some toasted bread and sprinkle the top with some Parmesan, it’s like eating pizza. And who doesn’t love PIZZA?! Should it be called pizza soup? No. That sounds weird. But really, I promise it tastes incredible. I grew up on Italian food, so all this stuff runs in my blood anyways. If it tastes anything like a pizza I’m all over it.

I bought a basil plant from the grocery store the other day which is why everything I’ve been making has basil as well. For good reason though– it’s delicious. The plant won’t last much longer than a couple weeks, so it’s been a race to see how much of it I can cook and eat before it goes bad.

After today, I can finally go to the store and buy some new groceries. I promise, my next recipe will be loaded with diabetes. I have a few (like thirty) recipes I want to try out but I also need to make sure I don’t waste all the healthy food currently in my fridge…

The pictures for this recipe don’t really give it justice. It was after ten at night the other day when I made this, so there was no light and I wasn’t in the mood to just ‘take pictures.’ I needed to EAT. Then the second round of pictures came out better, so now you can probably guess how much of this soup I consumed over the past few days.


Creamy Tomato Basil Soup
makes about four bowls of soup, takes about 45 minutes

4 cups of tomato juice
5 whole tomatoes, peeled & cut into cubes
1 clove of garlic
about 20 basil leaves
1/4 cup of butter* (or a dairy-free butter)
1/2 cup half & half* (or coconut milk)

Parmesan cheese for topping
baguette or other bread for dipping* (if you use a gluten-free bread for dipping, there is no gluten in this recipe)

Add the tomato juice, tomatoes, and garlic to a medium sized pot and simmer over the stove for about 25 minutes. Don’t let it get out of control, the tomato juice can bubble out of the pan if it gets too hot. Turn off the stove and pour contents of pan into a blender. Add your basil leaves and blend until there are no chunks left in your soup.

Pour the soup back into the pot and add the butter and cream. DO NOT LET THIS MIXTURE BOIL. Cook at low heat and simmer until the butter is fully melted. Then your soup is ready!

Top with Parmesan cheese and some basil leaves. Serve with a piece of bread for dipping.

Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Oh yum! I love the taste of pizza! And the idea of tasting pizza in my soup sounds so delicious!


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