Recipe: From Fruit to Dessert in Seconds


Strawberries and sugar go together like cheese and wine. What about cheese, strawberries, sugar AND wine? Ooooh la la. I really do love snack time. Let’s get real though– who doesn’t!?

So a few years ago, Brittles and myself were living in a torn up, crappy little town just south of our hometown. Let me just tell you this now– cooking wasn’t exactly an option. The kitchen was nearly falling apart. We did not cook for almost two years. Another one of our roomies nicknamed the place: “The Animal Kingdom” since it was so old and run-down and it was occupied by a million dogs, five humans, and a cat. Why? We were all pretty poor, going to college, and no longer had the patience or desire to deal with the parentals anymore, so we escaped. The house may have not been all that great, but our roommates were some of the coolest people I’ve ever had the opportunity to get to know. One of our roommates was working on starting up a dog rescue at the time so there were always new puppies to play with. 🙂

Anyways, one night after opening up the fridge to see absolutely nothing sweet or delicious (I mean– this is a group of college kids’ fridge we’re talking about here), Brittles pulled out the only fruit we had in the fridge. STRAWBERRIES. Which are completely fine alone, obviously.

But then, she did something I’d never seen before.

Out came the cream cheese and a bag of brown sugar. Rather than grabbing the strawberry and simply eating it, she dipped it into the cheese, then rolled it in the sugar. All of us roomies were in awe of how random this was. But then– we tasted it. We ate the whole basket of berries in seconds. We probably went to the store immediately afterwards so we could eat more. Freaking delish.

On Saturday morning I couldn’t help but to enjoy my berries in this fashion. It was one in the afternoon, I was bored and alone in my apartment. I grabbed a bottle of wine and all the necessary ingredients and stuffed my face. Here is how:

Simply grab a basket of strawberries and individually dip each in cream cheese and brown sugar as you enjoy.

BEST SNACK EVER. It’s like a five second strawberry cheesecake. OH YES. So delightful.

By using a dairy-free cream cheese substitute, even if you’re vegan you can enjoy the simplicity 🙂

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