Recipe: La Tiad (Chicken & Potatoes)


I’m not really sure what La Tiad means, but that’s what my momma always used to call it.

Some bizarre things happened yesterday. While eating my lunch outside in the beautiful LA summery winter weather, I found myself people watching. (YAY!) Seriously, it’s one of my favorite ways to pass the time, there’s always so much to see. People are just so freaking interesting. At the beginning of my lunch break, I watched the bird-man (that’s what I call the guy) round up his hawks. It’s quite interesting, really, and absolutely random. He’s kind of an odd ball. Have you ever seen a person be able to yell at a hawk perched on top of a building and have it fly down to him? I always find this so intriguing to watch in my down time. These well-trained creatures respond to a whistle. They have adorable little bells dangling from their legs so that the bird-man can keep tabs on them. Why is there a man with birds in the middle of the city, you ask? To scare away more birds, obviously. I actually just found that out last week after months of wondering… HA. Those dang pigeons.

After my lunch I went to use the restroom. What I heard coming from one of the stalls in there was not what I expected. I swear– this poor woman sounded like she was dying. I offered to bring her in a cup of water but she was not interested, especially from some random restroom user.

Just LOOK at those potatoes. OMG. I want more.

Other than my half-hour escape from my desk, yesterday was uneventful, to say the least. I once again found myself in need of an incredibly easy dinner after work, so I threw this together. I meant to post this last night, whoops.

This is a dish my mom always used to make for my family, and now I know why. Not only is it extremely tasty– it literally takes less than five minutes to put together. It’s the easiest recipe known to dinnertime. Serve this with some green beans or another veggie you like and you have a delicious, well-balanced meal. Do it.

La Tiad
serves two, takes about 45 minutes

2 pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breast
4 small red potatoes
olive oil
dried oregano
salt & pepper

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Slice the potatoes into wedges. Put the chicken and potatoes into a large glass pan. Drizzle a thin layer of olive oil over everything in the pan (you can flip the pieces over to make sure they are completely covered). Sprinkle the oregano, salt & pepper over the dish.

Bake in the oven for 40 minutes or until the the chicken and potatoes are starting to get a nice golden crisp on the outside.

YAY for easy dinners!

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