Holidays: The Twelve Best Things About the Holidays

Although the cold weather is not my favorite thing in the world, there are so many reasons to love this time of year. Everything else in life is slightly more awesome than usual. What would we do without the holidays?

1. Sleeping in. It’s is one of THE BEST things about the holidays. Not only have finals just ended for those of us who are in school, but for many of us who work, it means time off. No matter which lifestyle you find yourself in, you should be able to get some serious slumbers in before the new year. What better way to end 2013 than in hibernation?

2. Eating multiple delicious meals. The level of comfort associated with the food we are surrounded by during this time of year is extremely high. From more Thanksgiving-like meals to the apple pies and casseroles, everything tastes so glorious and flavorful it’s impossible to stop eating. Besides, grandma made that dish with love, so you know it’s good.

3. The new year is just around the corner! It’s only a few weeks away, which means you have that much time left to work on last year’s resolution. Or just make a new one. But really, this is your chance to enjoy the rest of the year, do some exciting things and look forward to a slightly new beginning.

4. Giving. It is one of the greatest and most satisfying feelings. There is nothing better than being able to see someone’s face while receiving something they want… or don’t. Either way, the expression is always priceless and brings everyone together.

5. Getting. Yep. Definitely a huge bonus around this time of year. And it’s always fun to see what sort of things you end up with afterwards.

6. Everything is decorated. And I mean everything. It’s beautiful. Whether you’re shopping at the nearest mall or walking through a park, the decor is destined to be there. With the trees covered in ornaments, wreaths dressed in red ribbon, and inflatable polar bears in your next door neighbor’s yard, how can you not have spirit?

7. People are nicer. (Whether or not they are happy is another story.) For some reason there’s this expectation that everyone should be super duper nice because it’s the holidays and everything is all warm and fuzzy and happy. Reality check, it’s stressful. I know for myself I just finished finals and now need to find the time to do ALL my Christmas shopping outside the hours of my full time job. Bleh. At least when we’re all nice, the environment remains happier.

8. Christmas lights. These are so incredible. Neighborhoods everywhere are coated in little white light deer and houses are strung with big beaming bulbs. These neighborhoods are calling you, so grab a hot chocolate tonight and go for a tour

9. Everything smells lovely. Candles. Pine. Cinnamon. Apples. Gingerbread. Breathe it in, soak it up. So amazing.

10. Sugary things. I’m such a candy fiend. Every year I get and consume a copious amount of candy. Candy canes. Boxes of chocolates. Hot chocolate. Little chocolate soldiers. Chocolate fudge. OMG.

11. Cuddling. When everyone is bundled up and it’s freezing outside, body warmth is obviously the only option. Blankets, a movie, and more hot chocolate are always a plus.

12. Seeing and spending time with family and friends. I saved the best for last. Despite all the horrific questions from your relatives about work, school, and how lame your love life is, it’s still awesome to have them around. After all, they are your family and in most cases they’d do anything for you, and vice versa. You’ve gotta love ’em. Not to mention, everyone is probably in town, so you can meet up with some old friends. And your closest friends are usually around, too! 🙂

Happy Holidays! ❤

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