Holidays: Six Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Oh no! It’s practically Halloween and, as of right now, you’re going to be dressing up as yourself today.

Stop right there. Where the crap is your spirit?!

This is a guide to six last minute lazy person’s work-appropriate (or not) costumes on Halloween morning. That’s a mouthful. With all of these, you can choose to go the modest or slutty route, the choice is yours. Whether you are a procrastinator, haven’t been able to come up with a costume yet, or just made the decision to dress up in the first place, we are here to the rescue. Yes, I know these are some of the most simple costumes in the book, but in case you hadn’t already thought of anything, here are a few ideas you can put together the morning of Halloween (given you have the pieces of your costume in your closet already).

Besides, you don’t have time to be picky here, remember?! :]

1. Cowgirl– Throw on a pair of blue jeans with a belt that has a fancy buckle, a white tee, some cowboy boots, and a flannel (roll up those sleeves a little). A cowboy hat is always a terrific addition if you have one, and don’t forget to braid that hair, too. Now go get’em!

2. Sports Fan– I know you have a jersey somewhere in your closet to some team of some sport. It’s probably hiding at the bottom of your drawer or on the floor of your closet. Whenever you find it, pair it with a pair of gym shorts, a hat, tennis shoes, or anything else you can find that looks sporty and BOOM. You’re an athlete.

3. Superhero– Find the brightest, most colorful tight clothes you have and combine with a blanket-cape. Then, start saving the office from the crimes of crazy clientele and traumatizing telephone calls.

4. Still Asleep– Roll out of bed, grab your stuffed teddy and your blankie, and daydream at your desk all day of entering back into a deep slumber.

5. Nerd– This is probably one of my favorites. Grab an olddd pair of sunglasses and punch out the shades. Wear patterned, colorful, silly, mismatched clothes. If you have a pair of suspenders in your closet, even more awesome. Just go all out ridiculous!

6. Butterfly– This one is just a little bit of effort to get together, but you’ll be the cutest one in the office fo sho. Dress in all black. Leggings, a dress, heels, all of it. Now it’s time to get a bit creative. Grab some wire hangers, a black trash bag, lots of glue or tape, and some colored paper, and look up a tutorial on how to create some wings if your imagination alone cannot bring you to it. Finish it off with a headband that you’ve turned into a pair of antennas!

Happy almost Halloween everyone!! :]

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