DIY: Pumpkin Carving :]

We all freaking LOVE this time of year. I, on one hand, still wish the sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky, while Brittles (aaand most of my other friends) actually enjoy the weather this time of year has to offer. The wind, the leaves, the early coming of darkness, all of it. I just love what comes about at the end of this road. And I know the other two agree with me that Halloween is an absolutely fantastic holiday. Between the candy, the cold, the coming of Libra babies, and the costumes, what’s not to like?


Especially pumpkins. Those guys are the best of all time ❤

I thoroughly enjoyed the hours I spent carving these bad boys. Here are a few pumpkin carving tips to make sure you have one of the best pumpkins in the neighborhood…

First of all, pick the right pumpkin… the one that YOU want to carve. I personally would pick something with a flat surface. Sometimes pumpkins have little knots or scratches which I tend to stay away from. Those will cause the finished product to be less than perfect, and they make the pumpkin a bit more difficult to cut through. But on another note, buying a deformed pumpkin will definitely give it some extra character!

Don’t waste your money on a cheap carving kit. Not only will the pieces be flimsy, but they are also prone to snapping in half and are incredibly difficult to use. I definitely suggest spending a little more money to make sure you don’t have to encounter these problems… or just use your own kitchen knives or a swiss army knife. (That’s what I do!)

When cutting the top off the pumpkin, leave a jagged cut so your “lid” easily falls back into place after you are complete. If you go this route, make sure you’re making the cut at an angle, too, rather than straight down! OR, your second option would be to completely cut out the bottom of the pumpkin. It allows you to simply set the pumpkin over a lit candle without the unattractive lines the lid would create on the top of your pumpkin.

Save the pumpkin seeds! They make an incredibly healthy snack and are quite delicious. Check out my toasted pumpkin seeds recipe [:

Mistakes happen! In these cases, don’t stress. Go into your cupboard and grab some toothpicks to correct your mistakes. By stabbing them into the pieces of pumpkin that have been accidentally severed, you can reattach them! In this Sailor Moon pumpkin, the majority is held together by toothpicks… seriously, a life saver.

Thin the side of the pumpkin you plan to carve from the inside. It will make the process much quicker and easier if you don’t have to saw your way through a giant wall. I simply just scrape the inside of the pumpkin with a spoon to accomplish this.

When drawing your design, I highly recommend using a whiteboard marker. After you are done carving, you’ll be able to wipe away the excess ink, rather than seeing the sloppy leftovers of a once-was-delightful drawing on your pumpkin. If you do use a pen, rubbing alcohol should remove those lines easily with just a little scrubbing. An orange sharpie is always an option too! (Although you won’t be able to remove anything that remains at the end.)

There are more than just two shades when carving a pumpkin, dark and light are not your only two options. By scraping off the skin of the pumpkin, you can create shading!!

Lastly, don’t forget to cook something with the guts of the pumpkin, like muffins, cookies, bread, or anything else you can think of for that matter. Baking with pumpkin is a guaranteed way to make some new friends [: Sooo with that being said, also stay tuned for another pumpkin post!

Happy almost Halloween everyone!

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