Recipe: Rasta-fruit-ian Salad

Hey peeps, It’s been a while! Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend, because I sure am :]

Eating fruits during the summertime is such a nice thing to do for your body. Since it’s so dang hot out around all of Southern Cali, we constantly crave water. Lucky for us, fruits are not only full of vitamins, but also have extremely high water content!

Since the season is coming to an end, I figure we might as well enjoy the fruits of summer while we still can. Actually, only the strawberries are a summer fruit (ha). Mangoes are generally found ripe year round, particularly in the fall, and kiwis are best in winter-time. Nonetheless, they taste scrumptious together in this medley. Good fruit salads are hard to come by because it’s so impossible to create a “dressing” for them. What would you even start with anyways?

This is super refreshing. It is simply just lime juice and a spicy seasoning blend atop these vibrant fruits. Honestly, you can use any fruit with this and it will taste amazing. Some other classics to try could be melons, oranges, cucumbers and pineapples. Cucumbers are especially delicious with this lime juice and seasoning combo. If you try this, I promise that you’ll soon find yourself trying it on everything. So incredibly simple, yet so insanely satisfying.

When life is too demanding, like mine has been recently, this is like the next best thing to jumping in a swimming pool or the ocean. So go eat some fruit and stay hydrated in this heatwave :] And for all you cooler-weather lovers, I hope you’re freaking excited because it’s just around the corner!!

Rasta-fruit-ian Salad
serves 2-3 people, takes just a few minutes to put together

one mango, cut into cubes
one kiwi, cut into slices
about half a package of strawberries
one lime, for squeezing!
tajin fruit & snack seasoning (or chili powder if you don’t have it!)

Add all the fruits to a bowl and squeeze half of the lime over the fruit. Sprinkle the seasoning on to your taste. Share with thirsty friends. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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